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Immunization Compliance
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News From The Nurse

Maddy Mayer BSN, RN

Health Office FAX: 303-326-1554

Colds, respiratory viruses, the flu. What to do? What to do?

1. Hand washing is your first line of defense. Good old soap and water. Hand sanitizer is good in a pinch, but soap and water is best.

2. Get the flu vaccine. It cannot protect you from every strain of the flu, but it will afford protection from many strains of the flu.

3. If you catch a cold, cough into your elbow. After using a tissue, put it in the trash and then wash your hands.

4. Hand Washing. Hand Washing. Hand Washing, I cannot repeat Hand Washing often enough.


Thank you for the immunizations that have been coming into the clinic. Keep up the good work! When your child receives the immunizations don’t forget to bring a copy to school.

Medication at School

Middle school students may carry their own cough drops. All other medication needs to come to the clinic with written permission from the parent and physician. Students with Asthma may carry their inhaler IF they have a contract with the school nurse.

The health office does keep Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for students for occasional use only. The district guidelines indicate no more than 3 days in a row or 5 days in a month. By the guidelines, the occasional use medication is not given the first 4 hours of the day without calling a parent first. This prevents accidentally overdosing a child.

Seventh grade will be screened for vision and hearing in January. If you have concerns about your student’s vision or hearing, please call the school nurse and the student will be called to the health office to be screened before the scheduled screening date.

Madeline Mayer ,

School Nurse

Recommended Immunizations for Preteens and Teens (7-18 years)

Recommended Immunizations for Preteens and Teens (7-18 years) - SPANISH