To prepare students for high school athletics, students must maintain eligibility to participate in our sports. However, unlike high school requirements, Mrachek uses TITANS Thinking and Learning Habits (“Work Habits”) to evaluate eligibility. Participation in sports is a privilege and our approach develops strong academic habits for our student-athletes.

As educators, our coaches support our student-athletes in utilizing strategies to manage schoolwork and athletics. Athletics should not interfere with academic progress. By participating in athletics at the middle school level, students build the skills and the lifelong values to benefit them in the future.

Weekly Eligibility

Weekly eligibility is determined by a student’s performance in their classes. They are expected to complete tasks and assignments to keep their work habits (TITANS Thinking and Learning Habits) at a 2 or above in order to participate in athletics.

  1. Any student earning 2 or more grades of “1” or “0" for their Work Habits (TITANS Thinking and Learning Habits) will be ineligible beginning Monday of the following week and ending Sunday of that week.

  2. During the time in which a student is ineligible, the student will be expected to attend practices and games/matches but can not participate in games/matches.

  3. Coaches will notify student-athletes and their parent/guardian on Fridays, regarding eligibility for the following week.

Behavior Eligibility

Behavior Eligibility for athletics is determined on a case-by-case basis. If a student is suspended from school, they may not attend any after-school events on the day(s) of suspension. Students may be prohibited from participating in practice and/or games as a consequence for their behavior at school or in the community as determined by an Administrator.

Eligibility For Events

In order for students to attend extracurricular activities (dances, talent show, concerts- unless performing), students and their caretakers must agree to and abide by a student code of conduct which will be sent home in September for signatures.

As of 2nd Quarter, the following is required in order to attend events and activities:

  • Signed Code of Conduct Form

  • 90% or better attendance in the prior quarter

  • No more than 13 tardies in the prior quarter

  • Students may be prohibited from participating in attending activities as a consequence for their behavior at school or in the community as determined by an Administrator.

More information on eligibility will be shared when the forms are distributed.