Our Expectations for Student-Athletes

Student-Athletes at Mrachek Middle School will:

  • Remember that they are a student first and athlete second.

  • Accept and understand the responsibility and privilege of representing their school and community.

  • Demonstrate active involvement in their sport and acquire the basic athletic skills and essentials of teamwork necessary for competition.


  • Sportsmanship at all levels of competition

  • Leadership

  • Respect for others

  • Understanding and tolerance

  • Hard work

  • Commitment

  • Discipline

  • Personal integrity

  • Self-control

  • Responsibility

  • Good citizenship

    • Develop self-knowledge (e.g. awareness of strengths, areas in need of further development, and strategies for success)

    • Demonstrate pride in themselves, their community, their school, and their team

    • Recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle

    • Maintain athletic eligibility in accordance with Mrachek Middle School requirements

Our Expectations for Parents

It is our hope that all parents of Mrachek Middle School student-athletes will:

  • Be a positive role model of good sportsmanship at all practices, games, or events.

  • Foster in their children those attitudes and habits most conducive to positive participation as articulated in “Our Expectations for Student-Athletes.”

  • Support Mrachek Athletics in its efforts to acquire necessary funding.

  • Support Mrachek Athletics whenever possible through volunteer efforts, attendance at athletic contests, and participation in school events.

  • Help us to foster a spirit of cooperation between Mrachek Athletics and local businesses, and community groups.