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About Mrachek

Home of the Titans!

Mrachek has 959 students in grades 6-8.

Mrachek has 84 staff members.

Mrachek’s student population is 0.7% Native American, 4.1% Asian, 24.3% Black, 47.1% Hispanic, 18.7% White, 1.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and 4.0% two or more races.

Mrachek students are: 17.9% English Language Learners, 3.0% Gifted/Talented, 14.8% SPED, and 65.6% Free or Reduced Lunch.

Founded in 1976

in honor of

Colonel and Mrs. Harry Mrachek

Strategic Vision Principles

Learning and Instruction

At Mrachek, ALL of our students are highly engaged in a system of rigorous learning opportunities that are characterized by:

  • Research based, proven curricula and project based experiences that provide our learners with clear and consistently high expectations about the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to thrive in a culture of current and future academic, social-emotional, and career success;

  • The establishment of lasting relationships that build trust, focus on a growth mindset, and emphasize the assets that our students and staff bring to the learning process;

  • Classroom and real world environments that provide creative, differentiated, and challenging opportunities where our students and staff feel inspired and safe to take risks to expand learning for all; and

  • Structures that provide the flexibility to use time and other resources in ways that emphasize collaboration across the curriculum, and the unique learning needs of ALL of our students.

School Culture and Climate

At Mrachek, we create and nurture a positive school climate and culture among our students, staff, and families that is characterized by:

    • A clear demonstration of the high behavioral and academic expectations for each member of the Mrachek school community so that all members are able to fully engage and participate in the learning process;

    • Intentional, proactive structures, opportunities and events that build relationships and trust so that ALL members of our community feel safe, respected, and proud;

    • The application of restorative practices if issues/conflict arise between members of our community. When appropriate, we apply a “consequences with care” approach to moving our community forward; and

    • Numerous opportunities for our community members to enjoy one another while collaborating, learning and growing together.

Family Engagement

At Mrachek, we build and maintain a system to engage our families that is characterized by:

  • Numerous and varied opportunities for ALL of our families to feel welcomed in our school and to support the learning of their students, and our community as a whole;

  • Communication with our families that provides timely and necessary information in whatever format best meets the need of each family;

  • Family partnerships intended to maximize the academic and social-emotional success of each student; and

  • Offering classes and other supports that enhance the ability and opportunity for each of our families to fully participate in our community.

Professional Culture

At Mrachek, in order to fully benefit from of our talented and highly experienced colleagues, we create and nurture a professional culture that is characterized by:

  • A consistently asset-focused, positive framing of our professional work to support our success as educators, and therefore the success of all of our students;

  • Fostering professional relationships grounded in trust and respect, tied to our commitment to prepare all students for their future success;

  • A commitment to use structures and protocols that facilitate direct communication between and among colleagues, and a recognition that we will disagree productively in the interest of success for all; and

  • A deliberate emphasis on building cross-curricular partnerships and opportunities for collaboration to enhance our ability to meet the unique needs of ALL of our learners.